Thank God for that bold-as guy

My one and only country and western song (so far):


That bold-as guy looked me in the eye

And with a straight-as look

I was taken by surprise

He was straight-up and honest

And an arrow pierced my side

When I looked in the eyes of that bold-as guy


He told me I need God

And that judgment day is coming

I walked out of that place thinking

I was missing something

I put it aside and thought about trucking

So I could be free from that bold-as guy


A year had passed and I was driving my truck

And a binding light came out on front

I swerved to the right and almost crashed

Until the blinding light made me see afresh


The light said, “That bold-as guy told you the truth.

You better believe him or else face the noose.”

I was shaking in my boots with the news the herald brought

Because that bold-as guy was telling no lie


Later that night I got on my knees

And prayed to God to save me, caus’

That bold-as guy looked me straight in the eye

And told me what I need to be alive


I was sinking in life

My wife had left

My only child was floundering in debt

But when I put my hand in the hand of God’s

I got perspective on life and started afresh

All because that bold-as guy looked me in the eye

And told me no lie

I thank God for that bold-as guy

Author: peteswriting

I am a published, experienced writer. Many of the publications I have written for have shut up shop. My first job was a one page film review column every quarter. I did that for four years and then the magazine closed down. For ten years after, I wrote instinctive film reviews on a regular basis for a website, then I left. During that time I contributed faith-based and topical news and features to several publications especially Challenge Weekly (which closed down) and after Challenge still contributed on occasion to other publications. In 2014-16, I regularly contributed to (which is now suspended) and for about eighteen months was an entertainment columnist for Some of my work is linked to below as well as links to my latest blogs.

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