Started this blog to put my poetry in one place, which would be better than on generalized writing blog. The blog’s called Poetry salad because poetry is an aside to the writing I have usually done like the side salad in a dinner of fish and chips. It’s often the revising of a poem and getting the meter and rhythm sounding right that is most off-putting. So my poetry is more likely free verse, not exactly adhering to way of meter. I write poetry with the sound of it in mind. The plan is to publish poetry on this blog from all sorts of inspiration.



When ghosts are busted again

Ghosts are busted,

Enemies become friends in some neck of the woods,

But rare if it did.

No matter, it did.

Ghosts are busted,

Never to come back again,

Delivered from the earth,

Exhumed from all existence,

I wish this could happen again.

On Christmas Day it did.

I praise the Lord, it can happen again—

Next year. On Christmas Day it will.

Many ghosts have gone, but others will come again.

Except Christmas Day when ghosts are busted again.