Started this blog to put my poetry in one place, which would be better than on generalized writing blog. The blog was called Poetry salad because poetry is an aside to the writing I have usually done like the side salad in a dinner of fish and chips.

Now it’s about spiritual poems and a little about life.

It’s often the revising of a poem and getting the meter and rhythm sounding right that is most off-putting. So my poetry is more likely free verse, not exactly adhering to way of meter. I write poetry with the sound of it in mind.

The plan was to publish poetry on this blog from all sorts of inspiration, but I am now sticking to spiritual poems and a bit about life.



Ran deep

(From Genesis 4:1-16)

Jealousy ran deep and
Cain killed Abel, his brother.

Blood ran from Abel’s body.
An innocent man’s blood cried out

Run, Cain, run,
You tiller of soil
The fertile ground has turned to red, cold blood.
You destroyed.

God seeks an answer,
The blood calls out for justice.

A punishment so grave,
For this terrible thing you’ve done.

May you confess and find in your heart God’s forgiveness,
May God settle you in a town and
Make you start again


In a garden of paradise came a temptation.
From a certain one who
Fell to earth just in time for Creation.

Thrown out for wanting
To make the world in his image
And not God’s own,

The Devil, once an angel, found a way
To get into creation,
To get into the heart of the man and woman of God

So seduced they were.
A fall that poured out to everyone else,
May God grant the grace to everlasting life.
Take away the path to pain and
Prepare the way to life.


Six days unveiled the fresh green earth, the deep blue sea;
A display to behold, of cosmic beauty.
Land and ocean arise in symphony
At the end of each day, God’s greatness turned a page.
And the earth resounded in God’s good grace.
God’s own, Adam and Eve, agreed and
With a heart full of God’s undying love,
They celebrated the wonders they see.